Rod Repair Rates & Service Preformed
(Old Guides or Broken Rods will be replaced and / or repaired to match the existing color pattern and guide type as possible)

Rod Type: (Fresh Water)                                                                                    Labor Charges

Spinning/Casting Rod Line Guide Replace                                                               $ 4.00 per Wrap

Tip Top Replacement                                                                                             $ 8.00 per Each

Broken Rod Repair Rates                                                                           Start at $15

Rod Refinishing                                                                                        Start at $30

Line Guides will be replaced per the individual material rate for the each. Broken rods will be assessed and we will determine if the break can be repaired and cost determined at that time.

Rod Type: (Salt Water)                                                                                        Labor Charges

Spinning/Casting Rod Line Guide  Replace                                                              $ 5.00 per Wrap

Boat Rod Guide Replacement                                                                                $ 5.00 per Wrap

Tip Top   Replacement                                                                                           $ 10.00 per Each

Broken Rod Repair Rates                                                                                       Start at $15

Rod Refinishing                                                                                        Start at $30



Service Rate Sheet

CJ's Rod & Reel Repair Services

 Reel Repair Rates & Service Preformed
Dismantle Reel, Remove old Grease and Oil, Inspect Parts, Replace Oil, Grease & Reassemble

Reel Type: (Fresh Water)                                                                                Labor Charges

Spincast Reels (example: Zebco 33 or Johnson BM100)                                   $18.00/Reel

Spinning Reels                                                                                                  $20.00Reel

Baitcaster Reels                                                                                               $22.50/Reel

Baitcaster (2 Speed)                                                                                        $25.00/Reel


Fly Reels                                                                                                         $22.00/Reel

Down Riggers                                                                                                  Hourly $30.00

Reel Type: (Salt Water)                                                                                  Labor Charges

 Spinning Reels                                                                                               $25.00/Reel   

 Baitcaster Reels - Small                                                                                 $25.00/Reel

 Baitcaster Reels – Medium                                                                             $30.00/Reel

 Baitcaster Reels – Large                                                                                 Hourly $30.00


 Down Riggers                                                                                                 Hourly $30.00

All Parts requiring replacement will be in addition to labor Charges plus Freight & Handling.